A free operating system for the Iskolar ng Bayan.

Introducing Ubuntu for Pisay.

What is Ubuntu for Pisay?

U4P is a free operating system based on Ubuntu Linux that bundles the software associated with the PSHS curriculum; and therefore is meant for use by PSHS students. To make sure that the system is highly stable and secure, U4P releases are based only on long-term releases of Ubuntu (which means that users will receive updates for five years since the release date).

U4P does not require any paid license, so you don't need to use "activators" like some people do on Windows. The installation can be removed at any time if the user wants to.

Bundled software includes OpenOffice, Code::Blocks, Scratch, and NetBeans. The Ubuntu Software Center can be used to download any additional desired software.

A screenshot gallery is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Where can I download it?

Before you continue, you must know that changing your operating system is dangerous if you're not sure what you're doing. Please make sure you know the basics or ask help from someone who's familiar with these stuff.

You can download the ISO files for U4P as well as see the installation instructions at the following page.

Go to Download Page

U4P is NOT a project of the PSHS system; rather, it is an independent project of a PSHS student.
Disclaimer: Neither I, nor the PSHS system, nor everyone involved in this project may be held liable for any complications that might arise during your installation and/or use of the Ubuntu for Pisay operating system. All versions of the OS have been tested for any abnormal behaviour.

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